antboy02 - Kingston / Guthrie - "Hills Hoist"

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antboy02 3" mini CD

GREG KINGSTON-guitar & toys
WILL GUTHRIE-percussion & electronics

21 minutes from legendary Tasmanian based guitarist Greg Kingston in live duo with percussionist Will Guthrie. Recorded in front of people at Melbourne's Make It Up Club this performance was enhanced by the fact that Greg was not using his guitar of choice and Will's amplified drum kit was going through one of the crappest amps imaginable...The result: a low-fi dirty grappling, scratching duo packed full of lightening quick interaction, a few surprises and a juivinille sense of humour!

Download - "Hills Hoist 3" from Hills Hoist - 6.6mb


"Musicians with Tourette's Syndrome are few and far between, but Tasmanian Greg Kingston is among their select number and his new release of duo improvisations with Melbourne native Will Guthrie, "Hills Hoist" ( antboy02 3" cd ) is totally great. Kingston plays electric guitar and toys, Guthrie mans drums and electronics, and their collaborative stew is a thoroughly engaging trip through whacked out sounds. The rhythms and textures flash from one topic to another with a spasmodic grace. Recorded live, the tracks have a flavour that makes me think of a smaller, less rockoid version of Shockabilly.
Everything's very splintered sounding, but a strange humour and manic force shinnes through every crack. And there are many! Haroo!"
Byron Coley

..."Both players use beside their instruments home made instruments, found and junk stuff, including shortwave radio. Apparently the place were this was recorded didn't have a great amplification, but nothing such can be heard here. It's a very vivid recording of scrapping sounds, distorted shortwaves and hectic improvised playing. Even in its quiet moments, this music is loaded with held-back aggression and waiting energy to explode. Great stuff."