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"It's hard to know exactly what Deep in the Bushes is. And that's what makes it so great. It's the electronic moniker of Tim Pledger, bandleader and saxophonist for Melbourne experimental outfit Bohjass and it borrows heavily from Bohjass' high st 3070 album of last year. In particular the languid beauty of Deep in the Woods, a track itself that almost sounded electronic on that album, thanks to some sparse reverb soaked guitar, delicate brushwork and dreamy horn action. So perhaps this is a remix album, with Pledger grabbing some of his evocative horn work and reprocessing it with a vague nod to its former world. Yet if it's a remix album it's unlike any I've come across before as he transforms these tunes into strange new almost indescribable forms. There's a definite ambient/ soundtrack quality to his new constructions and it is incredibly engaging and seductive, with any electronic aspects treated in a quite subtle manner, the focus is instead on the gorgeous drifting reverb soaked horns. Given the similar source material there is a thematic unity to the album, with motifs repeated and rearranged in different configurations, much like a soundtrack to a movie, though it's Pledger's refusal to be tied down, to form that provides the most interest. I don't know what this is."
January 30, 2006 by Bob Baker Fish

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Now, this is a bit of surprise. Uncle E. is one Timothy Pledger from Melbourne, and besides playing music, he makes films. He's the leader of Bohjass, an experimental band, but also plays in the rockband Bikeboy and he has two audio visual experimental bands, Sandwich Jesus and Viaduct. He is 'deeply involved in the tonal and emotional aspects of rhythmic harmony as they move against each other in blocks and waves of sound', it says on the cover. 'Deep In The Bushes' is resampled reworking of Bohjass album 'Deep In The Woods', and is his third album as Uncle E. The reason why I call this a surprise is that it is indeed all about emotions and harmony, the latter aspect not a frequent thing on releases by Antboy. Usually this label deals with the more noise related aspect of improvisation and electro-acoustic music. In each of the five pieces, Pledger uses samples of mostly wind instruments that only differ marginally from each other but that he staples as blocks next to each other and creates shifting layers out of that. Highly electronic and organic sounding, this moves away from the cut 'n collage sound of many other Antboy releases. Minimal along the lines of Phil Niblock, but more harmonic and also with a more low fidelity character. Shimmering, twilight music. The only point of critics might be that some of the tracks are perhaps a bit too similar, like 'The Dep Boy Descends' and 'Deeper', but throughout I thought this was a very nice moody and atmospheric release.  (Frans de Ward)