Matt Earle

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Working with minimal means Matt Earle creates radically stripped back sound, improvised composition with blank media, exploring many devices including samplers, mixers, turntables & tapedecks.
'but... more recently I have picked up the guitar.'
Based in Australia, Matt is currently playing in the groups xwave, stasis duo, xnobbqx, sun of the seventh sister & a solo project called muura
He is involved with the running of the document & breakdance the dawn labels, and the organization of regular noise parties in the blue mountains called 'tsuji giri'
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** 'Hammer and Tongs' - Stasis Duo ( impermanent recordings 001 )
** 'blues' - xnobbqx (seedyr)
** 'scarlet urmine sandstone lady' - muura (blackpetal)
** 'document 4' with will guthrie & adam sussmann (document)
** 'antipan' - antipan 12" (pulled out)
** '231' - matt earle solo (document )
** 'Beetroits' - Stasis Duo ( sphone )
** 'Whitenoise and Burnouts' - Stasis Duo ( breakdance the dawn )
** 'IN' - with Anthony Guerra ( L' Innomable )