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Timothy Pledger (aka: UNCLE.E ) is a Melbourne based composer, musician and film artist. Tim composes acoustic, electric, electronic and orchestral works using a diverse range of forms and materials from highly minimalistic and personal to expressive and extreme emotional structures. Timothy is deeply involved in the tonal and emotional aspects of rhythmic harmony as they move against each other in blocks and waves of sound.
Tim's musical, filmic and written works are concerned with the landscape of the culture and politics of the environment they are created within, and are therefore personal indictments or appraisals of certain aspects of society.
Tim's longest running ensemble, "bohjass", has been critically acclaimed both in Australia and abroad and many of Australia's great improvisors have played at some stage in this ensemble.

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2006 - Uncle.E, 'Deep in the bushes' (antboy 08)
2004 - Bohjass, 'High st....3070' (poorboy 07)
2003 - Bohjass Upas Militia, 'derriere...pourquoi?' (poorboy 06)
2002 - Bohjass, 'Chocolate Ice'  (poorboy 05)
2001 - Uncle.E, 'Havana Waves' (poorboy 04)
2001 - Uncle.E, 'Little girl on the hill' (poorboy 03)
2000 - Bohjass, 'An ex. In p.m. tort....' (poorboy 02)
1995 - Sufi Dervish, Oz music compilation, song - 'magnificent fascists'
1995 - Sufi Dervish, Music for Rwanda compilation, song - 'come'
1995 - Bohjass, N.M.I.T. compilation, song - 'my elder brother'
1994 - Sufi Dervish, 'Magnificent Fascists' (poorboy 01)

* 1998 - 2006  - 'Once they had fallen', Ballet written for chamber ensemble with 2 sopranos, live and recorded string quartet, percussion ensemble and choir.
* 2004 - 'Farewell, 20th century. The Wiradjuri Years', String orchestra
* 2002 - 'Farewell 20th century, you cunt!', Large orchestra
* 2002 - 'Sweet; New Millenium', Chamber ensemble with text
* 1998 - 'Saudade', 9 guitars

* 'The continuing saga of rex johnson'. Episodes 1-37, 1998-2006
* '25 to 1',  Dance work with Don Asker and Jane Mortiss
* 'Daniel, come swim with me', Dance work with six Females.
* 'Six of the ladies', video clip for Bike Boy.
* Numerous installations for the make it up club, Melbourne, Australia.

* 'Michael', play in one act.
* 'White, black and blue', Play in two acts with music.

Tim's current ensembles are:
* Bohjass - acoustic electric experimental
* Uncle.E, - electronic
* Sandwich Jesus - audio visual concerned with iconography
* Viaduct - audio visual concerned with landscapes
* Bike Boy - rock band